Sunday, November 19, 2017

Exploring the Yellowstone Trail

Historic Yellowstone Trail Offers Scenic Route Instead of using the Interstate, take the road less traveled and rediscover the Yellowstone Trail, a historic auto route that stretches across Wisconsin. Established in 1912, the 3,600 mile route...

Exploring Schmeeckle Reserve (Stevens Point)

Schmeeckle Reserve Offers Respite in Nature Right next to a bustling commercial area stretches the vast, 280-acre Schmeeckle Reserve (pronounced shmee-klee), the arboretum of UW-Stevens Point. A variety of well-kept trails totaling five miles wind their...

Explore Stevens Point Sculpture Park

Stevens Point Sculpture Park Features Unique Art What happens when nature and art are combined? The result is the Stevens Point Sculpture Park, home to around thirty art installations that unfold along a scenic nature...

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