Experience Yoga on the Farm in Vesper, WI

Photo from the Vespertine Gardens Facebook page.

Vespertine Gardens Farm to host Yoga Event

by Michelle Tesmer – Connect yourself to farm and earth at Vespertine Gardens Farm to Yoga Event on Saturday, September 2nd. Bring your own mat as Renee Cathryn instructs vinyasa yoga from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. It is also recommended to bring dishes to this zero waste event as you will enjoy farm-produced goodies at the end of the session.

Jill Tormoen operates the farm with her husband as it has been in his family for about a century. Their connection to the earth makes it a natural environment to host yoga as it is a perfect location to center your mind and body.

“Yoga on the farm brings something new to those who want to feel connected to their community and planet,” said Tormoen. “It is a new experience to see the land where local food is grown and understand that food doesn’t just magically appear on the shelves for rock bottom prices. It is a chance to learn about the land and plants and put into perspective how big and awesome the world is. It expands people’s sense of place, takes them to a niche they haven’t experienced and connects them with others in the community.”

Vinyasa yoga will focus on breath, intention, and chaturangas. Sun Salutations will begin the session and warm up your body as you turn to poses and test your balance throughout the class. It is geared to all levels of yoga participants as Renee Cathryn is able to customize to each individual.

Said Tormoen, “People can expect to feel completely relaxed and connected to themselves and their community. They will leave with strong bodies and full bellies and maybe even a few new friends.”

After yoga, snacks will come straight from the farm!

“We call ourselves a micro-farm in that we only farm an acre but have high production, multiple rotations of produce for families, and specialty markets. We are constantly trying to raise new things and you’ll always see something different than what you see at the grocery store,” added Tormoen.

Tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased at the Om Yumm – Farm to Yoga Eventbrite Page: click here.

Vespertine Gardens is located at:
5470 Spruce Road
Vesper, WI 54489