Maxine’s Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck Travels Central Wisconsin


Maxine Kremer Operates Bright Green Ice Cream Truck

A bright green, musical ice cream truck has been making the rounds in Central Wisconsin, to the delight of area residents.

Pittsville resident Maxine Kremer, 23, said she started Maxine’s Sweet Treats this year on a whim, a business idea which has turned into a fun side job.

“Everyone loves ice cream,” she said, adding that there’s something for everyone in the freezer, from novelty ice cream bars and popsicles to cones and sandwiches in a variety of flavors.

Maxine-Sweet-Treats-2“Some customer favorites are Birthday Cake bar, Mango bar, Choco Taco, SpongeBob and Giant Neapolitan sandwiches and many more,” Maxine said. “Right now I carry 22 different flavors!”

Ice cream lovers can occasionally spot the truck on the streets of Pittsville, Marshfield, Hewitt, Vesper, as well as the North Wood County and Dexterville campgrounds. Maxine has also been present for birthday parties, company appreciation events, and car shows, but is open to bringing her treats to other types of events.

The business, which began in May, involved remodeling the ice cream truck from its original white and black to the unmissable bright green with a sparkly purple bottom. She added a side window for selling and a board to display all the flavors. Decals of ice cream decorate the side and front hood.

“I had a vision of what it would look like when I was ready to hit the streets, and it’s perfect!” Maxine said. “I love looking back at the pictures I took during the process and seeing how great it turned out.”

Maxine can be reached through her Facebook page, Maxine’s Sweet Treats, where she provides updates on her next stop.