Stevens Point Brewery: Inside the Tour


Point Brewery Tour A Great Value

You probably recognize the guy with the pointy head, but where does he come from? The answer is, of course, Point Brewery in Stevens Point, the third-oldest, privately owned brewery in the United States celebrating 160 years in 2017.

It’s an impressive age for a brewery which provided beer to Civil Wars soldiers, survived Prohibition by bottling for Coca-Cola, and made it through the Great Depression while other Wisconsin breweries were biting the dust.

A tour is a great opportunity to get an inside look at this long-running brewery, which makes nearly over forty types of beers and craft sodas besides. Adults get in for $5, which includes three or more beer samples and a quality beer mug at the end, making it an excellent value for an hour of history and fun. Children are also allowed.

(Click HERE for more information on brewery tours in the Stevens Point area)

Visit the website for updated tour times for various times of the season and make a reservation. Free parking is available in the gravel lot across the street. Check in ten minutes before tour time in the gift shop, where you’ll receive three drink tickets and one ticket for a free beer glass.

Follow the tour guide through the door (make sure to wear closed-toe shoes) to begin a thirty minute guided tour which will cover the history and process of brewing the beer. Unlike other breweries, photos are allowed on the tour.

During the tour, you’ll get to see the giant aging tanks, the pipes in the “kitchen,” the warehouse (products don’t sit any longer than three weeks), and watch bottles move along the conveyor belt. Take a look at the dozen or so grains Point Brewery uses. Fun fact: the “chocolate” beers are made not from cocoa, but a grain roasted to certain degree that produces a chocolate taste.

The iconic pointed head was lifted from a historic photo you’ll see on the tour. Believed to be an early brewmaster at the brewery and later named Nicholas, no one has ever discovered the true identity of the man with recognizable features (but no pointy head).

After the history, the next half hour is a tour of the taste buds. This will be the favorite part for many. There’s a wide selection of tap brews to try, whether it’s the smooth Onyx brew, amber lager, apple cider, special brews, and lots more. Those who are gluten free or underage have options to try the craft sodas (we recommend the kiddie cocktail).

Cash in your three drink tickets to try 8 oz samples (or a half glass, if preferred) and answer trivia questions for a chance to win more tickets. The guide is available for any questions you may have and will describe all of the beer in-depth, not that this makes paring your choices down to three any easier.

When you finish the last drop, exit through the gift shop to glance over apparel, souvenirs, and bottled brews to enjoy at home. Don’t forget to submit your final ticket to receive a quality beer glass souvenir.

Overall, Point Brewery is definitely worth a trip out for a peek at area history and an hour of fun.