L.O.S.S. Offers Support After Death of a Partner

Support Group Series Coming to Central Wisconsin Locations Submitted to EXPLORE - Death ends a life, but not a relationship. Participants in the Death of a Partner Support Group (L.O.S.S.) realize that while life has...

Exploring Misty’s Menu in Wisconsin Rapids

Misty's Menu Offers Home-Style Cooking to Central Wisconsin Residents A local favorite, Misty’s Menu delivers satisfying home-style cooking in a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia. The prices are reasonable enough to make this...

Central Chamber Chorale Announces New Music Director

Singers Welcome to Audition for New Season Central Chamber Chorale Board is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Brunson will be the music director for the Central Chamber Chorale. His wife, Mika Brunson, will serve...

Experience Yoga on the Farm in Vesper, WI

Vespertine Gardens Farm to host Yoga Event by Michelle Tesmer - Connect yourself to farm and earth at Vespertine Gardens Farm to Yoga Event on Saturday, September 2nd. Bring your own mat as Renee Cathryn...

Historic Point Basse to Host Murder Mystery Event

Help Solve a Whodunit Mystery at Point Basse A body was discovered while cleaning out the ice house, and the citizens of Point Basse have a mystery on their hands. Did the former employee die in...

Newman’s Miniature Golf Course & Ice Cream

Newman's Offers Fun and Affordable Family Fun For an affordable and family-friendly summer outing, try a game of miniature golf. Newman’s 1st Street Miniature Golf Course and Ice Cream has been a favorite spot for multiple...

Wisconsin Rapids To Host World’s Largest Waterski Show

Waterski Show Takes Place Thursday-Sunday in Wisconsin Rapids Each July, waterski teams gather for the largest show tournament in the world – and it’s in Wisconsin Rapids. Starting Thursday, July 20 and ending Sunday, July 23,...

Exploring the Rudolph Grotto Gardens

Historic Grotto Full of Wonder Tranquil and bursting with natural beauty, the Rudolph Grotto Gardens is a fascinating gem in the heart of Rudolph. The 7.5 acre site, located behind St. Phillips church, includes twenty-six impressive...

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